David Heitzman

Northern California Association of Luthiers
Guild of American Luthiers

Welcome to the
Napa Guitar Company
Home of the B.o.b.* guitars,Little Havana, and Guitello

(new home of Napa Guitar Works)

 The auction for the Charle Krug model of the Bob guitar has completed and all the proceeds have been donated to Education Foundation to buy instruments for underprivileged public school students . Thanks for all the interest and all the bids. Next year will be even better.

I have been developing a new line of five unique instruments. I am proud to present two new guitars inspired by the Napa Valley and built here. The tops, or soundboards, are sourced from decades-old redwood from the bottom of aging tanks at the historic Charles Krug Winery.

I still repair and restore guitars of all kinds. Services are available at Allstar Guitars (707-224-6577), Napa Music Supply (707-265-8275) and directly.

Mighty Fine Guitars in Lafayetta,CA. will be offering Bob guitars as soon as I can provide them.

Napa Guitar Works friends: Thanks for all the support and after the devastating fire that put me out of business for a time. 

*Built from the “bottom of the barrel” redwood planks from 50 plus-year-old wine aging tanks at the historic Charles Krug Winery in the Napa Valley.